Hanging out in the woods

Friends of ours bought some land in Pakenham (Ontario) last spring to build a small camp on, and Chris and I have been heading out there over the past year to hike/snowshoe and help set up – but mostly just to fart around. It is so much fun to go exploring and build forts and stuff. As a kid, my sisters and I were always outside climbing things and playing games. Now as an adult it’s so refreshing get outside and just have fun poking around. Still have yet to find any deer antlers or other treasures, but I’m not giving up hope!

I also shot my first gun last fall, and again this past weekend, completely annihilated a gatorade bottle. Not gonna lie, shooting at targets is pretty fun. Here are some photos from this past weekend, we went to help put in some bridges over a swampy part of the land.

Pakenham, ON

Forest hiking

Yellow Birch tree

Putting in bridges

Forest life

Chris getting his aim on

I was a little trigger happy

Huge wild turkey tracks - Chris' hand for context

The boys heading out

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