If the shoe doesn’t fit

Get a new shoe rack! Chris and I have been super busy the last couple weeks and finally have some projects to share with you. The first is a super easy shoe rack made out of two cedar planks and two L brackets. You could make this out of whatever wood or shelving you have lying around, I just love the smell of cedar though — especially right when you walk in the door!

The old shelf we were using was old and rickety and basically falling apart. It was also big and bulky and took up a lot of space. Having just one shelf much lower to the ground made our narrow hallway a little more spacious. The materials we used are listed below.

Oh yeah, and trying to get a picture of the space was no easy feat since it’s so narrow, so please excuse the shifty shots!

before during after_closeup


  • 2 x planks of wood (cedar smells nice and does well with wet stuff)
  • 2 x small strips of wood (to act as extra support between shelf and bracket)
  • 2x L brackets (Chris found these in our basement)
  • 8 x screws
  • Drill
  • Set-square
  • Level (we didn’t use one cause we had it resting against the floorboard)
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